Family Counselling

Families go through distinct phases throughout the family life cycle and each phase brings it’s own set of challenges.  Co-habitation, marriage, having children, parenting, children leaving home, separating/divorcing, blending families, losing family members, etc. all have the potential to outstrip our capacity to cope on our own.

Whether your family is facing separation or divorce, remarriage or a blending of preexisting families, relocation, birth/death/adoption, adjusting to an ill or disabled family member, caretaker burn out or any number of other complex family dynamics, family counselling can help.

Family counselling can help by providing a safe, non judgemental, confidential and structured environment in which you can:

  • Gain awareness of the constructive and destructive dynamics at play in your family
  • Identify and change problematic issues, patterns, behaviours and roles
  • Develop respectful, honest and healthy communication patterns
  • Reduce conflict as well as tendencies to avoid of conflict
  • Acquire new skills and tools for managing difference, adversity and life transitions
  • Identify and discuss differences openly and respectfully
  • Develop more life-affirming strategies, habits and routines
  • Ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and provide input into problem identification and resolution
  • Approach problems collaboratively and develop mutually agreed upon goals and solutions and
  • Increase your family’s capacity for connectedness, love, pleasure, and joy