Couples/Relationship Counselling

A lot can be at stake when your romantic partnership breaks down: your hopes and dreams for your relationship, your financial future, your children’s well-being and future, your happiness, your sex life, your sense of self-esteem, and the way you are perceived by your peers, your extended family and society at large to name a few significant things.

Couple’s counselling can help.  It can help you to:

  • Identify destructive communication habits and develop more constructive ones in their place
  • Identify problematic behavioural patterns of which you may not even be aware and learn to conduct yourself in your own best interests as well as those of your partner
  • Feel validated as well as teach you how to help your partner feel validated
  • Develop greater respect for yourself as well as your partner
  • Renew and enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Identify and work towards the goals you have for the relationship
  • Identify and manage your tendency to become emotionally overwhelmed or withdrawn when in conflict with your partner
  • Keep your relationship (and family) together and thriving, rather than just surviving
  • Identify when it is time to end a relationship and how to do so in a sensitive, thoughtful, and constructive manner